Dana T Yang

Project Checkout

More info... but basically all the tabs.

Invoice- 1 pay no options w/ date picker

Invoice- 2 pay with options

Invoice- 1 pay no options

Invoice- 3 options no pay


Company / Client

ETS Corporation





My Responsibilities

All user experience and the all user interface, created all low-fidelity wireframes and high-fidelity mocks.





Design Tools

Wireframes, whiteboard sessions.

Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, XD. Sketch.



Unify all the public pages for the EMoney platform.  These already existed in another form, but they did not share a common UI style. This also overlapped a bit into the creation of the loyalty and eShop platform.



Who is it for?

Varies. Users outside of app.emoney.com


What processes were used?



Challenges & Solutions

This project took place around the same time I was creating the UI/UX for the loyalty program and eShop platform. I took specific care to have both these platforms to mesh well with each other, such as adding the loyalty program during the checkout process.



I completed the project and a style guide for all the public pages of the site.


Edit: I need to organize the images on the left and annotate them a little better, this is still a work in progress! 9/18/18