Dana T Yang

Project GameChanger POS (v2)


Company / Client

ETS Corporation



AUG 2015 – JUL 2016


My Responsibilities

All UX artifacts, all visuals, all low-fidelity wireframes + high-fidelity mocks, all redline hand-offs, create a new logo for the name “GameChanger POS”



iOS App for iPad and iPhone


Design Tools

Whiteboard sessions, new personas, and user flows, paper wireframes.

Software: Sketch App, Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator



Pivoting the first version, this is no longer customer-facing application. Addition to the restaurant, quick serve, bar tabs, and curbside mode.


Who is it for?

Cashiers, servers, kitchen staff, and bartenders at fast foods and restaurants.


What processes were used?

Bar tab was a design sprint, the rest were Kanban


Challenges & Solutions

Changing the target user from the consumer to clerks/cashiers. I went through most of the design and updated many of the detailed walk-throughs to something quick and to the point. There was less negative space in favor of more actionable items on the screen.  There was also a debate if we should have the price listed on the ordering screen to save space, in the end, it remained because it would be a hassle just to add an item to see its price.



Updated the app to be merchant-centered instead of consumer-centered. It was also updated with the following features: Bar tab, kitchen views, table, and seat numbers, check splitting, gift cards, discounts, carry out, curbside orders.