Dana T Yang

ServiceMate Mockup


Company / Client

ETS Corporation



JAN 2017 - FEB 2017



All UX artifacts, information architecture, all visuals, all low-fidelity wireframes + high-fidelity mocks, Prototype, Copy-writing, Hand-off



Responsive Web Application


Design Tools

Sketch App, Adobe Photoshop, InDesign, Avocode, InVision, Pencil/Paper



ServiceMate was designed as a platform to allow service type of businesses to communicate better and update their clients every step of the way without the need of downloading a specialized app. Clients would receive text messages with a short description of the current stage of their service and links to a dedicated page with more details plus a way to pay right on their phone.

This scenario was set for a car maintenance facility to notify their client when new work was found during a check-up, and if the client wishes to approve for additional work needed for the vehicle. Finally, the client has the option to pay for the additional work, and receive an invoice on their phone.

The main project proposal was done within a week, designed entirely in the Sketch App, with an interactive prototype in InVision. A brief version of the merchant view for EMoney web application was created the following month, this was created in InDesign.



A simplified version was implemented within the eInvoices portion of the EMoney platform and is currently live. Hand-offs were created, uploaded, and assigned on JIRA.