Dana T Yang

WLGO Ticketing and EMoney Events

Here are some of the notes, site organization, and rough wireframes I've sketched out prior to designing the experience of the site. There were whiteboard sessions with the team as well.

The team consisted of the Stakeholder, Project Manager, 2 Software Engineers, and me the UI/UX designer.



PDF screens of the events dashboard and how to create one.

PDF screens of the event's profile (a saved preset).



The above is a PDF document of the public ticketing screens.




Company / Client

Billy Casper Golf Management, ETS Corporation



Winter 2014


My Responsibilities

All user experience and all user interface, assisted in the information architecture, created all low-fidelity wireframes and high-fidelity mocks.



Desktop Website


Design Tools

User flows, mind maps and paper wireframes.

Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator.



Design a better ticketing experience for a golf outing. The problem is that the attendees of the World's Greatest Golf Outing had to register, then go to another site to create a team, book their tee times, and buy additional items, and pay separately again.

We set out to eliminate the hassle by creating an experience that allows participants to easily buy their ticket, create up to a foursome team, book their time slot, and any extra add-ons such as shirts or extra donations, all in one place. The attendees can also go back to modify their choices after buying their tickets.

Later the requirement included the event to be adaptable to any type (virtual events, wedding, conferences, concerts, etc).



Who is it for?

I designed the consumer-facing public pages to be as generic as possible for a wide audience. And I made the “back-end” merchant-facing management and creation page targeted to middle-aged professionals in the event/service industry.


What processes were used?



Challenges & Solutions

Usually when you buy a ticket to an event you only need to enter the number of tickets, then check out, but because this is specifically starting off with a golf event, I needed to have a way to order for twosomes, foursomes, as well as single players. I tried various user flows and tested it with our QA team until getting to the final version with the least amount of hindrance nor failure points.

I also solved the problem of having one person paying for all tickets by adapting our EMoney invoice system to send the event information and the cost to their teammates to pay for their own share.



After I made the final designs and handed off to the developers, Billy Casper Golf Management decided to stay with their previous partner for that year’s event. There was a hiatus after that, and at the beginning of summer 2018, the developers are beginning to code the designs I made